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Advertising on Facebook has more potential than traditional ad campaigns. With approximately 2.7 billion active users today, Facebook is the largest social network across the globe. It has massive potential when it comes to improving your sales and brand visibility. As an experienced and committed Facebook advertising agency, we understand what it takes to ensure a Facebook marketing strategy bears fruit.

You cannot just publish a Facebook ad on your social media account and forget about it hoping it will bear fruit. At LevelUp Digital, we understand what it takes to create and implement ad campaigns that not only drive results but also make your brand stand out online. Our professional Facebook marketing services can be scaled up as per your growth needs.

As a Facebook advertising agency that prioritizes budget and revenue goals, our team of social media experts and creative designers can create advertising strategies for a range of industries from SaaS and tech to eCommerce.

  • Facebook is the third most visited website in the world next to YouTube and Google.
  • 90 million businesses use Facebook advertising as part of their online marketing strategy.
  • The average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month.
  • Facebook Stories has over 300 million active users.
  • More than 8 billion messages are exchanged between people and brands via smart chatbots.

How LevelUp Digital Can Help

Out-Perform the Competition

If you are struggling to get your business message heard on the noisy platform, there is a reason for that. A single Facebook ad drowns in a sea of competitor ads. That's because the social media platform holds over 50 million business accounts.

Even if you reduce those numbers to include only direct competitors, you have to work extra hard to outperform their social media advertising strategy.

Cookie-cutter solutions will not do much to make your brand stand out. With our hands-on experience and understanding of audience-targeting, unique bidding strategies, and creative optimization skills, we can help you surpass your competitors on the social media platform and beyond.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs at the Same Time

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook advertising offers faster results. At LevelUp Digital, our social media experts can optimize your account according to the response each ad strategy receives. In other words, rather than waiting months to determine if an ad was effective and then taking action, we conduct regular performance checkups.

This strategy allows us to ensure we are maximizing your social media marketing budget with insightful and data-driven solutions and management that can give you the ROI you deserve.

It also allows us to figure out immense opportunities for investment that our clients can use to generate revenue that they don't even know they could. So with our Facebook advertising service, not only can you generate more revenue per ad, you can save money by abandoning business and marketing strategies before they can do any real harm.

Ad Management Metrics We Focus On

At LevelUp Digital, we use a number of metrics to determine Facebook advertising results and the overall quality of our digital marketing efforts. This includes:

Network Performance

Ad results on the platform that are based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cost-per-click, click-through-rate, impressions and reach.

Site Performance

Data collected from Facebook ads such as traffic. Some of the key performance indicators we use to measure site performance include bounce rate, page views, purchases, and sessions.

Just because your business competition focuses on a certain set of KPIs doesn't mean that they will also work for you. As a full-service digital marketing and Facebook advertising agency, we will create an advertising campaign around KPIs that can work for your brand. Your brand difference is what sets your business apart from the competition. We use those to create and drive data driven ad campaigns that can give lasting results in real time.

How our Facebook Marketing Services Work

Audience Targeting

Content quality will always remain a priority. However, no matter how great it is, without targeted ad placement, it won't be seen by audiences who can make it convert. You are wasting valuable time and money trying to attract clicks from people who may not want what you are selling.

This is why Facebook advertising is invaluable. The social media giant helps you reach consumers who are actively searching for your offerings and people who have the potential to be customers. How? By allowing you to choose audiences based on their interests, demographics, and online behavior.

We offer a range of Facebook advertising services that can help you reach and engage with ideal customers. This includes re-targeting efforts that allow us to take advantage of existing leads who have shown interest in your brand. Whether you own a large or small business, customers make or break you. Allow LevelUp Digital to take your advertising to the next level.

Top Benefits

  • Keeps Facebook followers engaged resulting in more website traffic.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Attracts users who can turn into paying customers.

Creative Ads Design

Facebook provides a range of options that can capture the attention of target audiences. This includes options that allow brands to deliver messages that make a lasting impact. We use a variety of Facebook ad formats to make this happen.

Whether you want to tell your brand story through images using Instagram, a slideshow, or a collection of images that set your company in the best light, our creatives can deliver your intended message.

As per our experience as an advertising agency, small business owners who are more hands-on with brand awareness efforts get the best results. We love that attitude because it allows us to create strategies that our clients can really get behind. With an experienced team managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad campaigns and even Instagram, we make sure to use best practices that can attract and retain target consumers for the long run.

Top Benefits

  • Attracts more eyeballs to your Facebook ad.
  • Sets your brand ad campaign apart from the competition.
  • Reduces the overall cost of ads.
  • Instant impact on target customers.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Our Facebook advertising process is similar to how we approach marketing in general. As a committed Facebook ad agency, we track, test, alter and repeat. The approach allows your account manager to measure and track ads in real time so we can make adjustments before the ads can do any harm or lose more eyeballs. Here is a simple breakdown of our Facebook advertising process:

Competitors Analysis

  • Even small businesses have competition. Our experts conduct a complete market analysis of our clients’
  • service areas and industry.
  • We locate local competitors who are outperforming you in terms of audience size and engagement.
  • We analyze the best content that suits your industry.

Creating Organic Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Researching quality content that can strike a chord with your existing and potential clients.
  • Posting each Facebook ad after A B testing and scheduling regular posts.
  • Keeping an eye on engagement and interaction with each Facebook ad to determine weak spots and taking measures to correct them.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Our aim is to become the best Facebook advertising agency and social media marketing company that is known for positive customer interactions. Unlike other agencies, we take each ad account and client needs seriously and prioritize both for ad creation, ad targeting, ad placements, and more.

That's because we understand that we cannot come up with a strategy on our own that can give the results and ROI you are looking for. Advertising on Facebook doesn't work like that.
Client input is the bedrock on which we build each ad campaign so we can maximize your ad spend and ensure the best results. We work hard to provide superior service and Facebook ads that a business owner can appreciate. This includes providing:

A Dedicated Account Manager: We will set an expert at the helm of your Facebook advertising campaign who knows and understands your business along with the social media solutions that can give you maximum ROI.

Detailed Monthly Reports: As a committed ad agency, we want our clients to see results as they manifest. We will give you detailed monthly reports for live ads so you can remain in the loop.

A Dedicated Support Team: Whether you need professional web design, development, or ad copywriting services, we have a team for that.

Top Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Robust Predictive Analytics

There are no limited when it comes to reporting and analytics on Facebook. In other words, there is no guesswork involved in ad campaigns. You never have to guess whether an ad will work or not. The Ads Manager allows us to

Some of the metrics that we will provide you on a weekly basis include conversion rates, clicks, and even sales that our ads were able to attract. The data allows us to adjust our ads as per needs. That is much better and less time consuming than trying to forecast if an ad will work or not. After all, if you cannot track and measure performance in real time, improvements can come too late.

Increase Your Brand Reach

Even if you have experience running a Facebook page, you may not know that only a small fraction of followers ever see your posts. It isn’t extreme – it’s the truth. That’s because, in the last few years, Facebook has been actively reducing the visibility of business pages in news feeds via a new algorithm. It is prioritizing posts from friends and family more, much to the frustration of business owners across the globe.

As a proactive advertising agency, our team of experts is well aware of this along with every new change in policy that Facebook introduces. Rather than sitting on our heels, we proactively come up with solutions that can work with rather than against said policies. Send us a message today or call us for a consultation regarding ad accounts and more.

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