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Online videos are already the most engaging medium in existence today. By 2022, they will make up more than 82% of all traffic on the internet. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and various other social networks all host videos for engagement. However, YouTube is the definitive king.

There is no question that the biggest video content platform right now, and for many years to come, is YouTube. Whatever trends, spikes in traffic, or brand promotions occur primarily take place on YouTube. A gargantuan platform with billions of users and billions of daily video views,
it’s a mammoth resource to promote industry and business growth.

That’s not something that any businesses can choose to ignore any more than SEO, artificial intelligence, or IoT. Luckily, we have the tools to help businesses and drive their ROIs through the roof.

We are a marketing agency that realizes the potential of the online platform. Let us drive that traffic towards you. Sign up with LevelUp Digital’s experienced YouTube Ads professionals and crank up the web traffic to your website.

Video Marketing is the Most Powerful Tool for Marketing Agencies

More than 60% of all downstream traffic on the Internet is consumed by streaming. That percentage is on an upward trajectory and will continue to rise unless stated otherwise.
That means that video is no longer just an option for companies, it is an essential part of social media management and marketing campaigns.

With the right advertising on YouTube, you can not only generate great videos, but build a marketing campaign to convert.
At LevelUp Digital, we serve our clients with the highest quality advertising campaigns on YouTube.

By digging into the data surrounding your audience, we can select the right marketing strategy to accelerate conversions and improve online marketing ROI.

Not only does this involve great content creation, but also giving you full service including authoritative videos and PPC specialist support.

Video Marketing is the Most Powerful Tool for Marketing Agencies

YouTube is not just an online publishing platform or an online marketing platform. It’s now a major social media platform.

We Provide Focused Audience Research for Lead Generation

At LevelUp Digital, we know how to target the right audience for your brand objectives. We select the right audience for marketing, affinity, retargeting, specific channels, and competitor targeting.
Of course, we employ other techniques like search engine optimization, and keyword targeting as well. As you will find, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to boosting your ROI.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Provides Expert Marketing Services

We employ experienced professionals at chief marketing officer positions to deliver a great YouTube ads experience to your customers. Whether you want to create a new ad or bolster your brand by achieving greater authority, we’ve got you covered.

We make it easier to collaborate and get the most effective YouTube ads to your audience.

We Provide a Full Funnel YouTube Ads Strategy

From a search engine to Gmail to Google Display, and even to Facebook Ads, we have everything covered. Our YouTube ads strategy leaves nothing to chance.

At LevelUp Digital we pride ourselves as an advertising agency which maximizes conversions and ROI for our clients.

Take Advantage of Our PPC Expertise

LevelUp Digital employs several PPC experts and specialists with a proven track record to bolster your brand. We also have certified partnerships to gain access to tools only available to large businesses.

Hence, when you sign up with us, you’re not just getting the full package, you’re getting the cutting edge of brand promotion.

We provide you with access to betas, and several dedicated account reps. That way, you’ll always be ahead of the curve when it comes to competition. In terms of online marketing, your rivals will always be chasing your tail and never matching up to your brand promotions.

As mentioned, we’re also certified in Search, Display, and Shopping Ads. We have access to tools for measurement and optimization. So any YouTube ads that we push out will result in huge growth for businesses.

Aside from producing great videos, we also provide streamlined and detailed reporting on stats. That way any marketing campaign we sign off on will cater to your business needs. We will make sure that you’re getting the boost you need. All of the ads we push out will elevate your authority among customers and new audiences.


Make the right choice for your marketing needs and pick LevelUp Digital’s pricing model for your ad campaigns. Instead of paying us at an hourly rate, you can pay us a fixed rate to generate content for you.

Our teams and resources will be put to the best use for your specific marketing campaigns. Whatever makes sense for your strategy at the time will be used to increase effectiveness and meet campaign objectives.

Unlike other YouTube marketing agencies, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best pricing models, deals, and features. Our marketing efforts will shine through for you in terms of content, audience research, and improved conversions.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

There is no doubt that YouTube is an incredible platform to reach your target audience. Like most other social networks niche audiences already exist on the platform. However, they’re in the form of a YouTube channel rather than a page or a group.

YouTube Advertising is a Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Medium

Not only can you take advantage of YouTube ads on YouTube, but Google ads as well. Since Google owns YouTube, it integrates its ad services with the platform.

In most cases whenever a video that caters to your target audience is playing, Google ads will appear on the side. This is more likely to garner someone’s attention than if they’re pushed through a pop up.

Plus, the ad seems organic since it’s catering to a niche that the audience is seeking out themselves. However, it’s not as distracting or jarring as on a social media channel. In fact, it’s much better, since online marketing is always better received at the right time.

Say your target audience member is watching a review about a product that your company sells. Perhaps they’re looking for reviews or confirmation of word of mouth statements. A Google ad placed strategically beside that review can catch their interest at the right time and ensure a sale.

YouTube also Hosts Google Ads

Perhaps the most appealing feature of YouTube advertising is the economical benefit for small businesses. YouTube doesn’t only help businesses push their ads to a wide audience, but also does it in a cost-effective manner.

If you’re familiar with PPC advertising, you’ll know that it’s highly targeted and effective. You’re
also only charged when someone clicks your ad.

Hence, you are handed more control over advertising on said platform. The same can be said for
YouTube, when you’re advertising, you can pay as you go and only pay for what you need. That results in a very high ROI.

YouTube Provides Highly Targeted Digital Marketing

Like other social networks, YouTube also segments its audiences by various ‘Topics’. For example, there are videos liked by ‘Hispanic Women under 35’, or ‘Caucasian Men under 18’. This truly helps when targeting very specific niches for a product or a service.

Since all that data is already at your disposal, all you need to do is put out an ad and push aggressively. YouTube has all the tools for your brand to succeed in this endeavor.

There are other marketing tools on YouTube to target your niche audience. For example, you can use:

Customer Match

Here, YouTube uses first party online data, and offline data to conduct video marketing. This targets a specific audience to re-engage with them. Hence, anyone from your audience that has previously engaged with you can be marketed to again.

Similar Audiences

Customer match data comes in handy here. So any business that wants to tag customers similar to those who show interest in their ads can do so.

Brand Video Remarketing

YouTube provides tools for video marketing to people who have already interacted with your videos.

Affinity Audience

With all of YouTube's data, a digital marketing agency can find affinity audiences. Luckily for you, YouTube advertising already suggests people who are looking for what you're selling or are interested in topics related to your business.

Custom Affinity Audience

Custom affinity audiences dig deeper into what users with specific interests love. It goes beyond keyword targeting or web design and looks at the intersections of their interests.

YouTube Provides Highly Targeted Digital Marketing

Creating an ad campaign on YouTube that can be measured through specific metrics is very easy. With YouTube’s metrics you can measure who’s watching your ads and who’s staying on for longer. You can also measure the engagement on YouTube by looking at the likes, shares, and
comments on each video ad.

Looking at these metrics will allow you to improve video optimization in the future. It will also push
more marketing ideas your way when you see growth on particular videos.

These metrics can simply be viewed by checking the Analytics tab on your account. That will give you the views, costs, and budget details that are related to YouTube video ads. With an advertising campaign aimed at your target audience, you can be sure to get all the relevant stats you need.
f you work with a digital marketing agency that is well versed in analyzing this data, you’ll be more likely to achieve success. Your audience will not only become more engaged, but you will also gain greater insights into creating better video content

YouTube Advertising has a Faster Turnover than Other Marketing Strategies

If you work with our YouTube marketing agency, you’ll be able to see much faster growth for your business. Aside from the fact that YouTube generates 5 billion video views per day, it also has great architecture. Videos fit into neat little boxes and there is no overlap between any of the interface elements. This provides for a clean experience when you’re viewing video content.

Hence, this provides for a more pleasurable experience for your target audience. That means that they’re more likely to stay on and continue browsing and watching. That gives you a much wider window than on other social media platforms to promote your products/services.

A YouTube Video Ad Gains You an Audience of Billions

YouTube consistently stays within the list of most viewed websites in the world. 1.8 billion Gmail users automatically have YouTube accounts and billions more have free access.

That means that your video stands to be seen by billions of people. Also, since YouTube is chiefly and primarily a video platform, it’s much more likely to gain your exposure compared to Facebook.
Whichever video campaigns you may launch or video assets you may push stand a higher chance
of engagement on YouTube.

YouTube also has the added advantage of being home to millions of influencers. Since they have audiences of varying sizes, but cater to very niche audiences, they can effectively promote a business. By using both ads and influencer sponsorships, you can achieve a lot of visibility in a short time.

That’s something that can’t be guaranteed on any other platform anywhere near as quick.

Hire Our YouTube Agency to Accelerate Conversion Rates for Your Niche

At LevelUp Digital our social media managers are waiting to drive sales to your websites and web pages. With our YouTube marketing, we deliver long term engagement and consistently provide opportunities for growth.

Whether it’s our video editing department or our marketing officers, we always aim for excellence for our clients. Any company that comes to us for a boost in their sales or web traffic will be guided to the highest quality opportunities.

For us, the best partnership is about people. Through high-quality videos and marketing, we make sure that partnership is as fruitful as possible for any and every business that comes to us.
We are more than a YouTube advertising agency, we consider ourselves drivers for your professional growth.

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